We are ready to serve wherever God provides opportunity - whether it be through humanitarian aid, preaching, teaching or prayer ministry.  



February | 2022

It’s been a long wait! The pandemic years of 2020-2021 forced us, along with so many others, to cancel plans for any mission work which involved travel. Now, God has opened the door for us to return to Kenya in February 2022.


God willing, we will be traveling with a small team from East Africa Partnership (EAP) to meet with church and community leaders, pastors, and students in and around the Nairobi region for some much needed encouragement and prayer ministry. 



May | 2019

Kingdom Ventures International traveled to Kenya as part of a ministry team from East Africa Partnership. We brought humanitarian aid of clothing, medical supplies and equipment to schools, orphanages and medical clinics. Serving in prayer ministry to orphans, their guardians, and to young Masai girls rescued from child marriages, we watched the Lord at work. We prayed with those who were disabled due to the pain joint, muscular pain and internal illnesses, and we saw them all restored to full health! The healing power of God was on display here, as we even saw sight restored to the blind!


May | 2018

In Speyer, Germany, we served on Ken Fish's ministry team at one of Germany’s largest Vineyard congregations. God gave us unique opportunities to pray for and minister to hurting clergy couples from across Europe as well as multitudes of people from the Speyer area who were in attendance. Our team was used of God to work many miracles of healing and deliverance - a thrilling and humbling adventure. 



May | 2018

In Rueil-Malmaison, France, we served on the ministry team for Ken Fish of Orbis Ministries at a conference hosted by a local Baptist church, Englise Baptiste Emmanuel. Here we saw the power of God on display as we prayed, including the healing of a woman who had been paralyzed from a car accident. The body of Christ and the local community were built up by all that God did during that conference.


November | 2017

On this venture we served on a ministry team led by Ken Fish of Orbis Ministries. We were hosted by a Baptist church in Pitlochry, where Ken preached over the course of several days. Gary and Susan served on Ken’s prayer team as part of that conference, praying for physical healing, inner healing and deliverance of those who came asking for prayer. We also prayed for many in smaller settings throughout the community and God was greatly glorified as people were healed and freed from past traumas and restored to strength.